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ElectReon inductively charges a Renault Zoe in transit


The Israeli company ElectReon Wireless has successfully charged a Renault Zoe inductively while driving. This was achieved along a 20-metre long section of track equipped with coils embedded in a section of road in the coastal town of Beit Yanai in Israel.

During the test, ElectReon proved an energy transmission of 8.5 kW with an efficiency of more than 91 per cent. The company expects to be able to increase the transmission power to over 15 kW within the next few weeks.

The Israeli company says that these results are a key milestone in view of a large-scale public-private test project they have planned in Sweden. Using ElectReon Wireless technology, a 1.6 km long test track will be set up to inductively charge electric vehicles while driving between the airport and the centre of the city of Visby on the west coast of the Swedish Baltic Sea island of Gotland. The budget for the project amounts to 116 million Swedish crowns (around 11 million euros), and the project is scheduled to start in November this year.

With their technology allowing electric vehicles to charge while driving via coils embedded in the roadway, ElectReon has become an innovation driver in the field of dynamic inductive charging. The coils are embedded eight centimetres below the surface, invisible to road users, and only activated when a vehicle drives over them. The solution is compatible with all types of electric vehicles, including buses, trucks and cars, the latter of which can be fitted with a maximum 12 kg receptor, while heavy vehicles can carry larger units to optimise the charging process.

ElectReon says it has started to install its own receptors in two electric buses and a heavy-duty truck. The upgrade of the truck is to be completed in December before test runs are planned in Sweden in the first quarter of 2020. The buses will probably be ready in February 2020 and tested in April 2020 on prepared roads in Sweden and on Klausnerstrasse near Tel Aviv University in Israel.

ElectReon Wireless is already involved in several collaborations with its inductive charging technology. In the summer of 2018, the Israelis announced a partnership with the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi manufacturer alliance. Other partnerships have also been forged with the Israeli bus company Dan and the French company Hutchinson, among others.,


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  1. Chris Jordan

    Good demo, but I can’t find a spec beyond this 15kW test.

    My Renault Zoe uses ~15kW driving at 100km/h so the 1.6km road which I would cover in 1 minute would only stop me draining the battery by 0.4 kwhs.

    I know things get better, but be good to get to a useful power before digging up a public road.

    Or perhaps let us know what has been achieved in labs

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