EU: Ionity now runs over 150 high power charging sites


Ionity has now 151 high power charging sites up and running across Europe. At the end of May this year there were at 100 locations. By the end of 2020, the joint venture plans to have 400 HPC sites in operation.

In detail, the website shows 151 high power charging sites with another 64 currently under construction. Each location boasts an average of six charge columns. The joint venture of major carmakers Daimler, Ford, BMW and Volkswagen reportedly aims for 400 Ionity sites across 23 countries by 2020. Also, Hyundai-Kia recently came on board as strategic partner and shareholder.

While Ionity delivers the installation, the company relies on site-owners and operators such as Circle K in Norway or Shell in the UK to realise the planned pan-European high power charging network.

Also, for charging equipment, Ionity bets on multiple partners. The HPC columns installed so far are from Tritium, ABB and in some cases from Porsche Engineering with Ionity having introduced its own design at the IAA. Australia’s Tritium is now the first manufacturer to produce the new high power charging stations with ABB to join in later.

The new high power charging stations not only play a role in the construction of the remaining charging sites in Europe but also in the period after 2020 – whether it be the expansion of the existing charging stations with more charging stations, new locations or even HPC chargers in inner cities. (map)


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Greg Farrett
02.11.2019 um 07:52
Hi Nora, I have been an EV driver since early Sept 2019 when I bought an Audi e-tron. My previous car was a BMW X5 3.0 Diesel with a range of over 1000 km. The switch was traumatic to start with as I drive over 50,000 km per year. Nearly two months in And over 7,500 km driven I have come to rely on the IONITY network for any long journeys. I live in Antwerp Belgium travel regularly to the UK and to events and exhibitions in Germany. This week the IONITY station at the M20 services was offline which had a massive knock on effect for me. Turn a 5 hour trip back to Antwerp into a 13 hour journey. As the 3 50 KE chargers that I tried to use at the channel tunnel, Calais retail outlet and a Total Services in Belgium. All tripped out immediately they started charging my e-tron. The channel tunnel chargers stopped working completely. I sat at the charger in Calais for nearly 3 hours using the AC charge waiting for a 150 km of range to get to an IONITY station near Ghent. In hindsight I left too early and had to stop again as I was about 15 km short of range. Plugged into another 50 kw DC charger which started charging but tripped out within minutes. The AC plug was smashed on no chance to use that so drove on and ran out of charge 500 meters from the IONITY charging station. Audi recover came to the rescue and got the car to the IONITY charger. I know it is a long story but there is clearly a major issue with the quality of the charging infrastructure. There are a lot of chargers around but if you are traveling any distance the AC chargers are not an option. And all the 50 Kw DC chargers I plug my e-tron into trip out immediately.
Jonathan Deinhard
05.11.2019 um 16:18
Hey Greg First of all, congrats on your etron. A great car it is. It seems to me something is wrong with your etron. In my opinion it is highly unlikely that all the charging Stations are broken. Have you considered contacting Audi upon this issue? If so i would be really interested in what they said. Greetings Jonathan

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