Peterbilt delivers first 15 electric trucks 220EV


The US American truck manufacturer Peterbilt has delivered the first units of its 220EV electric truck. Frito-Lay, a company belonging to the PepsiCo Group, is using six of its electric vehicles as part of a project in California.

Together with the vehicles just delivered to Frito-Lay, there are now 15 Peterbilt electric trucks in customer’s hands. The electric trucks are “running real routes and collecting real-world validation data,” said Jason Skoog, General Manager of Peterbilt. The electric vehicles are active in urban delivery traffic, regional transport and waste disposal.

The 220EV presented at this year’s CES is a medium-sized truck. The model has two TransPower battery packs with a total capacity of 148 kWh and is powered by a Meritor E-axle. The range is expected to be 100 miles (around 160 kilometres).

Frito-Lay was proud to be the first customer for the 220EV. “Frito-Lay is continuously exploring current and emerging technologies for our freight equipment as we work toward reducing PepsiCo’s absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2030,” said Michael O’Connell, Vice President Supply Chain at PepsiCo. The company’s goal is to replace all existing diesel-powered freight vehicles at its site in Modesto, California, with zero-emission and low-emission vehicles. According to a press release, the project is expected to cost 30.8 million dollars.

In addition to Peterbilt’s electric trucks, Frito-Lay in Modesto will also use three of BYD’s 8Y battery-powered terminal trucks. In addition to the vehicles, the project also includes the development of infrastructure and storage systems for renewable energies.

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about „Peterbilt delivers first 15 electric trucks 220EV“
Charles Quigley
18.10.2019 um 01:10
Every year the Federal Government purchases thousands of vehicles from Chrysler Corporation , Ford Motor Company and General Motors. If the United States Congress is so concerned about Carbon emissions and Climate Change , why not include purchasing electric vehicles from Tesla , Rivian and Peterbilt.
Richard Denson
18.10.2019 um 01:30
And this is why Tesla is whooping up the automobile industry. 100 miles is trash!

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