Oct 18, 2019 - 02:36 pm

USA Tesla deposit now 100 dollars


Tesla now only requires a deposit of 100 dollars when customers order their electric cars in the USA. However, if the order is cancelled, the deposit will not be refunded. Also new are the prices for Tesla’s Model 3.

Up until now in the USA, a 2,500 dollar deposit was required to make an order, and this amount was always completely refunded if the customer cancelled the purchase. The lower, nonrefundable deposit amount apparently now applies to all three Tesla models, although currently only in the USA: On Friday morning (18 October), the deposit on the German website was still 2,000 euros to order a Model 3, which is also still paid out in full in the case of cancellation.

The US news site Teslarati speculates that the lower down payment is supposed to make the entire model range more easily accessible. Orders can be paid by credit card or Apple Pay.

In addition, Tesla has again upped Model 3 prices. The price for the Standard Range Plus version was increased by 500 dollars in the US configurator, but the version now offers ten miles more EPA range. The performance version now costs $1,000 more than before.

In the German configurator, the Model 3 SR+ is still offered with a range of 409 kilometres according to WLTP with prices starting at 44,390 euros. The long-range model in Germany costs at least 52,390 euros, the performance version 56,390 euros. All variants qualify for the environmental bonus.

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