Ford introduces new charging service plans


Ford has published the details of its charging strategy for its future electric models. In Europe, 125,000 charging points are to be integrated into the charging service, and Ford also wants to offer a wallbox.

In the course of the charging concept, Ford will also provide the first technical details of the electric SUV announced for 2020. With the system called Ford Charging Solutions, into which the FordPass app will also be integrated, customers will in future be able to use NewMotion’s public charging network in Europe with 125,000 locations. And, of course, Ford customers will also have access to the high-power chargers of the Ionity joint venture co-founded by Ford. The carmaker does not state the exact prices for the charging service in the press release, which merely refers to “affordable Ford Pass tariffs”.

With the NewMotion cooperation, the coverage of Ford’s offer in Europe is significantly better than in the USA. According to a statement published there, the FordPass Charging Network comprises 12,000 charging stations with 35,000 charging points. Ford cooperates with Greenlots and with the VW subsidiary Electrify America for the DC fast chargers.

“One of the biggest hold-ups for customers considering an electric vehicle has been the fear of running out of power or the inability to find a place to plug in,” said Ted Cannis, Director of Global Electrification, Ford Motor Company. “By offering industry-leading charging access, including the largest network of public charging stations among any automaker, we are dismantling those barriers, allowing more customers to confidently enjoy the benefits of owning an electric vehicle.”

The Ford concept also includes a wallbox for the home. The surveys on the basis of which Ford claims to have developed the strategy have shown that it is important for customers to be able to charge their electrified car at home. In addition to the standard Level 2 charging cable for charging at household sockets, the optional Wallbox should make it possible to fully charge the electric car overnight.

In the communication, Ford also mentions an interesting detail about the performance SUV “inspired by the Mustang” announced for 2020: At a fast charging station, the still nameless electric model with “up to 150 kW is to receive enough energy for a journey of up to 93 kilometres in a 10-minute fast charging process”. The model will therefore probably work with a battery voltage of 400 volts and cannot fully exploit the maximum charging capacity of the HPC chargers designed for up to 350 kW. However, with an announced WLTP range of “more than 600 kilometres”, the Ford SUV would outperform the Audi e-tron, which can also charge with a maximum of 150 kW.,,


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