Audi to release A6 plug-in hybrid


Audi is expanding its range of electrified models to include the A6 55 TFSI e quattro. However, the plug-in hybrid can only be ordered for the limousine of the popular company car model – from just under 69,000 euros.

As with the A7 Sportback and Q5, Audi has opted to combine a four-cylinder petrol engine with a 105 kW electric motor in the A6’s PHEV offshoot. The 2.0-litre internal combustion engine contributes 185 kW to the system’s total output of 270 kW. In the recently introduced A8 L 60 TFSI e quattro as well as the PHEV version of the Q7, Audi relies on a six-cylinder petrol engine.

While the synchronous engine is located in the eight-speed automatic transmission housing of the six-cylinder models, it is integrated into the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission of the four-cylinder PHEV – but since the electric motor is located in front of the transmission, four-wheel drive is retained even in electric mode. The rest of the electric drive is the same for all PHEV versions: the battery mounted in the rear has a capacity of 14.1 kWh, and the maximum charging power is 7.4 kW. The battery can be recharged in 2.5 hours at a charging station or wallbox. Audi has not revealed whether the vehicle’s loading capacity is affected in comparison to pure combustion models – only that it is integrated in such a way that “the luggage compartment offers level and convenient luggage space”. With the A7 Sportback, the PHEV battery takes up 155 litres of storage space.

The A6 can travel at speeds of up to 135 km/h using the electric drive; in hybrid mode, the maximum speed is 250 km/h. The electric range according to WLTP is up to 53 kilometres. As a company car in Germany, for example, it is therefore only taxed at half the rate. Audi indicates fuel consumption at 1.9 to 2.1 litres and electricity consumption at 17.4 to 17.9 kWh – in contrast to the range, these are values measured according to WLTP and then recalculated to reflect NEDC. In addition to the “EV” and “Hybrid” driving modes, Audi also offers a “Hold” function that can be used to save the currently available electrical energy.

With the A6 PHEV, Audi is relying on a sporty appearance. Standard features of the hybrid “S line exterior package” are black applications, red brake callipers and 19-inch rims. The interior of the A6 55 TFSI e quattro features sports seats, a four-zone air-conditioning system with heat pump and the “Audi virtual cockpit”. Customers can also use the app to control charging and pre-air conditioning prior to departure.

The plug-in hybrid limousine can be ordered immediately at a basic price of 68,850 euros and is now on its way to dealers in Germany before the deliveries begin in the rest of Europe.


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