Nov 13, 2019 - 03:29 pm

Neuron EV shows e-pickup and e-semi trailer


With the T/One and the Torq, the Californian startup Neuron EV has just presented two purely electric concept vehicles based on a modular platform. The two commercial vehicles follow several designs already shown, including an incredibly versatile electric bus.

The US American company, which was only founded in 2017, presented the two new studies at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. The T/One, which Neuron EV calls a EUV (Electric Utility Vehicle), is a pickup truck, while the Torq is a tractor for a heavy truck that is visually reminiscent of the Tesla Semi. So far, however, Neuron EV has only shown renderings and does not provide any other details about the vehicles’ technology or the company’s production plans.

  • neuron-ev-torq-e-lkw-electric-truck-2019-02-min
  • neuron-ev-torq-e-lkw-electric-truck-2019-01-min
  • neuron-ev-tone-2019-05-min
  • neuron-ev-tone-2019-04-min
  • neuron-ev-tone-2019-03-min
  • neuron-ev-tone-2019-02-min
  • neuron-ev-tone-2019-01-min
  • neuron-ev-tone-torq-2019-01-min

While the pickup aims at both businesses and private individuals, the three-axle semi-trailer truck meant for commercial transport. The driver takes a middle seat in the driver’s cab – just like in the Tesla Semi. According to an accompanying press release, the booth has been moved forward to improve visibility, optimise the interior space and increase loading capacity. With the help of cameras, the driver also has a 360° panoramic view on one screen. Those looking for physical switches and buttons in the cockpit will be looking in vain: This electric semi-trailer truck is operated via a touch screen, and personal terminals such as the smartphone can be integrated into the on-board system. This means that the degree of networking corresponds to the latest mobile technology.,,


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