BMW details i4 electric car, stresses next-gen advances


BMW provides more details on the all-electric i4 car set to roll off the lines in Munich from 2021 with data regarding next-gen motor power, battery capacity and also first performance data.

The electric motor in the BMW i4 generates a maximum output of around 390 kW and allows acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in about 4.0 seconds with a top speed of over 200 kph. The company calls it the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, that will first hit the market in the iX3 by 2020, followed by the BMW iNEXT and the BMW i4.

For BMW, the new model is to set new standards with components being designed in-house with a view to range and efficiency. The Bavarians also stressed this engineering approach that refrains from in-house production at the opening of the Battery Cell Competence Centre in Munich last week.

The newly designed high-voltage accumulator with the latest battery cell technology for the i4 weighs around 550 kilograms and has an energy content of about 80 kWh, said to achieve a range of around 600 km. The batteries used in the BMW i4 have a higher number of cells per module, a reduced number of components, a more compact design and increased flexibility concerning their geometry, explains the company. This is expressed in flat design and easy integration into other models as well.

Also, BMW envisions rapid charging with up to 150 kW. In case of the BMW i4, the EV charges to 80 per cent in around 35 minutes or six minutes for a range of 100 kilometres.

For the drive system, BMW again stresses that it is “compatible with all vehicle concepts and will be available for different models in a range of output levels”. More so, future-generation electric motors will no longer require rare earths, according to the company.

By 2023, the BMW Group will have 25 electrified models, including plug-in hybrids.


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