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DAF unveils 3-axle electric garbage disposal truck


The Dutch manufacturer DAF now also offers its CF Electric electric truck as a three-axle truck with a gross vehicle weight of 28 tonnes. The first examples will be tested this year as refuse trucks by the Dutch waste disposal companies HVC and ROVA.

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The cities of Rotterdam and Cure will follow at the beginning of 2020 with a fully electric garbage truck with a loading crane. All these vehicles (DAF calls the three-axle trucks 6×2) are equipped with a VDL E-Power drive. The extra axle allows more manoeuvrability with a steering axle.

The drive has an output of 210 kW and a maximum torque of 2,000 Nm. The gross energy content of the battery is given as 170 kWh. DAF has not given an exact range, but it should be sufficient for the usual distances of a refuse collection vehicle. Since garbage trucks usually return the depot every couple of hours, the Dutch company has attached more importance to the vehicle’s fast-charging capability. It should be possible to charge the electric truck to 80 per cent in 30 minutes – which, with an assumed net capacity of 150 kWh, still corresponds to an (average) charging capacity of 240 kW.

In the case of electric waste disposal vehicles, however, the vehicle’s motor is not the only thing that has to be replaced. Where a combustion garbage truck uses its engine to drive a hydraulic pump – for example for the crane or tilting the loading area – for an electric vehicle, the detour via the hydraulics would only cause energy losses. In the case of the DAF trucks, the all-electric body is supplied by VDL Translift.

Since the end of 2018, several fully electric two-axle trucks have been in use as DAF CF Electrics 4×2 for various Dutch companies, such as a supermarket chain, where the trucks transport goods to and from destinations such as supermarkets and distribution centres. The German logistics company Rhenus is currently using two CF Electrics for regional container transport. The outlook for this vehicle looks rosy since the DAF CF Electric won the ‘Green Truck Award’ in Germany earlier this year.

Update 16 March 2020: Following the debut of the three-axle CF Electric truck, DAF has begun the phase of real-life application. The first example in the form of a refuse truck has now been handed over to the Dutch waste disposal company ROVA, which is testing the electric vehicle in the city of Zwolle as planned., (update March)


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