Nov 22, 2019 - 11:19 am

Webasto reveals battery solutions for North America


In the Ford booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas just passed, Webasto exhibited the Mustang Lithium a battery-electric prototype showcasing the 800-volt battery from their new modular battery system. The German company has also released new thermal management and charging solutions.

Mark Denny, president and CEO of Webasto Customized Solutions in North America said that “Our expansion into battery systems, battery testing equipment, thermal management and charging systems means that both small and large manufacturers now have a respected supplier with decades of experience working within the complex vehicle manufacturing environment, as well as with dealers across North America, Europe and China.”

At the Las Vegas trade show, Webasto won Ford’s 2019 Best of Show Stand Award for Outstanding Achievement in Design for their one-off battery-electric prototype, the Mustang Lithium, sporting 1,000 ft-lbs of torque and over 900 horsepower. With this prototype, Webasto was showcasing their new 800-volt battery.

  • webasto-turbodx-ladestation-charging-station-ford-sema-2019-01-min
  • webasto-cv-standard-battery-module-batterie-sema-2019-01-min
  • webasto-turbocord-usa-sema-2019-01-min
  • webasto-ford-mustang-lithium-sema-2019-01-min

The battery system comes in 400V and 800V versions and the family company founded in 1901 said that the system can be easily configured via the vehicle interface box (VIB), the master battery management system and power distribution unit. Each battery pack has 35 kWh of energy and, for example, up to 10 packs can be used for a combined 350 kWh, since the CV standard battery system has been designed for total scalability and configuration flexibility.

The battery system is designed for both automotive and commercial vehicle applications since their energy-dense format enables engineers to configure the pack for use on a variety of different vehicle platforms. Self-contained modules within the battery pack also include desiccant cartridges that reduce condensation, integrated thermal runaway detection sensors and pressure equalisation monitors for additional safety.

Since thermal management keeps battery systems in optimum operating temperature for positive effects on performance and range, Webasto offers both custom developments and off-the-shelf solutions for the CV Standard Battery for OEM projects that both active and passive cooling, electric fluid heating and heat pump configurations.

At the LA show, Webasto also featured their new TurboDX Level-2 charging station compatible with both plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles. The charging solution has a slim, compact design, an aluminium rear enclosure for durability and a charging status indicator. Also new is that Webasto is now offering the TurboCord portable vehicle charger for the North American market, which can be plugged directly into any standard 120-volt electrical outlet, or a 240V outlet for quicker charge times.

“With the introduction of our new modular battery system, thermal management and charging technologies, Webasto has demonstrated its commitment to vertically integrate itself within the North American commercial vehicle and automotive e-mobility marketplace,” Denny said.


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