Nov 25, 2019 - 04:34 pm

ESB is replacing diesel transporters with BEVs


The Irish energy supplier ESB has announced the procurement of 70 electric transporters. The 70 Nissan e-NV200 will be used nationwide this year and next as a replacement for diesel vehicles.

The Irish Environment Minister Richard Bruton announced that the purchase of the 70 electric transporters is one of the largest volumes of commercial electric vehicles in Ireland this year. With the Nissan transporters, 170 tons of CO2 are to be saved annually.

ESB had already announced an investment of 20 million euros to switch to electric vehicles. “We are delighted to be in the position to begin phasing out our diesel fleet and we will continue to explore the options available to us to increase our commercial EV numbers, as well as reducing our overall carbon footprint across the business,” said Paul Mulvaney, Executive Director, Customer Delivery, ESB Networks.

Environment Minister Bruton welcomed ESB’s commitment to a CO2-free fleet. “It is vital to show leadership in this area. This will cut greenhouse gases, improve air quality and demonstrate what can be done to other sectors,” Bruton said. “Our public sector must lead by example if we are to persuade the rest of society to make the changes required.”

The e-NV200, which Nissan now only offers as an electric version, has a 40 kWh battery, which in the standard enables a range of 275 kilometres. ESB does not expect any restrictions in everyday life either. “We have conducted market research as well as extensive trialling to ensure that we are not compromising daily range nor our load capacity,” says Mulvaney.,,


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