EVBox opens upgraded factory


EVBox has opened a renovated and modernised factory in Bordeaux for the production of DC charging stations for electric vehicles. The company took over the Bordeaux site in July 2018 and has been renovating it ever since.

The plant belonged to the French manufacturer of EVTronic rapid charging stations, which was taken over by the Dutch company EVBox in July 2018. Since then, production has continued parallel to the conversion work. According to EVBox, more than 1,500 fast-charging stations were built in this phase.

In the modernised plant, fast and ultra-fast charging stations will be manufactured and the research and development of new technologies such as V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) will be advanced. Currently, 120 people are employed there. With the renovated facility, EVBox is now able to increase production to 450 units per month by 2020 and create 80 to 100 additional jobs in the region.

The expansion of production is mainly due to rising demand. “Our industry is growing rapidly, and especially as of 2020 we expect a massive increase in the demand for EV charging solutions,” says Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox. “With our newly renovated facility in Bordeaux, we have more than tripled our production capacity of fast-charging stations up to 5000 units per year. We will continue to expand our product range, while also increasing investments in R&D to maintain a high output of new technologies and innovations.”

EVBox sees the demand for ultra-fast charging solutions in places where an EV driver only stays for a short time (e.g. the motorway service area), but also when fast charging is essential for economic reasons – e.g. for some companies or taxi fleets.


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