GOFAST opens HPC park in Switzerland


Over the past few months, one of the largest Swiss fast charging locations has been built at the Würenlos service station. It was built by Gotthard FASTcharge (GOFAST). The site offers 20 charging spots and up to 300 kW charging capacity. More than 300 charges per day are possible.

The service station is located on the A1 highway between Dietikon and Baden and thus on a heavily frequented route. Somewhere around 80 million people pass through the service area every year. GOFAST has now completed a two-part fast-charging park there, which is accessible in both directions, after several months of work. Upon completion, the service area will be renamed from Würenlos to Freshbalken.

The 20 charging spaces were created in close cooperation with EVTEC from Kriens near Lucerne. Part of the energy concept is a buffer battery with intelligent control management in order to provide the aforementioned high charging capacities at short notice. According to GOFAST, “charging plugs for all electric cars – including Tesla” are available. Why is Tesla mentioned extra? This refers to a multi charger from EVTEC with an experimental “DC Type 2 plug“, on which Tesla drivers can charge with up to 50 kW direct current. In addition, the company reveals that it will not stop at 20 charging stations. However, the Swiss are keeping the information on the extent to which further expansion is planned under wraps.

According to GOFAST, it operates the largest fast charging network in Switzerland. “In a few years it should consist of at least 150 locations,” the company says. To achieve this, the company would raise several million Swiss francs itself and work together with various future-oriented partners – power stations, companies and private individuals.

GOFAST will set up 20 locations at Swiss rest stops alone. In March of this year, the company was awarded the contract, along with three other Swiss and one Dutch provider, to build fast charging stations at 100 Swiss rest stops. Each provider will equip 20 rest areas. The contract was awarded in the course of a change in the law. Until 2017, the construction of charging stations in Switzerland was only permitted at service areas (not rest areas). Following a decision by parliament within the framework of the National Road and Agglomeration Transport Fund (NAF), it has been legally possible since the beginning of 2018 to operate fast charging stations at rest areas along the national roads.

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