MAN electric truck eTGM made in small series


MAN Truck & Bus is constructing a small series of the electric delivery truck eTGM. This follows real-life tests that have been running since autumn 2018 with nine Austrian companies in the Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL).

The electric vehicle, MAN further developed based on experience gained in practical tests, is to be produced at the MAN plant in Steyr, Austria. The range of the e-trucks should be up to 200 kilometres, depending on the area of use.

The battery-electric truck has a payload comparable to that of a fossil-fuelled truck for medium-heavy and heavy distribution traffic. The electric truck will also be available as a refrigerated vehicle with interchangeable bodies. The MAN eTGM will be offered in a three-axle 6×2-4 chassis configuration as a 26-tonner with steerable and liftable trailing axle and four-corner air suspension.

The motor has an output of 264 kW and a maximum torque of 3,100 Newton metres. The lithium-ion batteries come from MAN-owner Volkswagen Group and are mounted underneath the driver’s cab in place of the diesel engine and on the vehicle frame. To reduce energy consumption, the electric truck also operates auxiliary units such as power steering, air compressor and air conditioning electrically so that they can be controlled as required.

Braking energy is recovered via recuperation as the vehicle decelerates and brakes when the electric truck’s motion energy is converted into electrical energy and fed back into the battery. This increases the vehicle’s range significantly. Of course, like all purely-electric delivery vehicles, the truck provides the essential elements for inner-city delivery in that it operates quietly with zero emissions.

To make the switch to electric mobility as simple and successful as possible, MAN will be supporting its customers with a team of experts when purchasing an eTGM and offers individual advice, such as a requirements analysis, fleet configuration, charging infrastructure or energy management. Besides, MAN eTGM drivers will be able to receive training specially tailored to driving a fully electric vehicle. MAN has yet to provide prices for the small-series vehicles.

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