Cybertruck – for the force of the future


To date, Tesla has already tallied up at least 250,000 reservations for the Tesla Cybertruck. The fully-electric pickup truck is popular among police forces with reservations from the local police force in Ciudad Valles, Mexico; the Kansas Highway Patrol in the US; and the Dubai police force in the UAE.

The mayor of the Mexican city of Ciudad Valles has ordered 15 copies for the local police force. He said the all-electric Cybertruck was an obvious choice because its low maintenance and running costs  – and because the truck will come in handy to pull water pipes, garbage containers”  and such, with more than the usual speed and power.

The Kansas Highway Patrol serving North Central Kansas used their official Twitter account to express their anticipation being able to use the all-electric pickup for its fleet of police vehicles – whereby a special Highway Patrol colour and signage design was put together in the Twitter thread.

In the United Arab Emirates, the police in Dubai – well known for their extravagant fleet – are also apparently planning to use the Tesla Cybertruck.

All three of the above locations are known for their wide-open spaces and lots of sun. Maybe Musk’s promise of a solar roof will become a firm feature. Many areas of Australia would seem like an obvious choice too, we’ll keep you updated., (Mexico), (UAE), (USA)


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