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Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid pedal-assist light electric vehicle


Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid GmbH has completed the first application trials with its Bio-Hybrid pedelec. The four-wheeled electric vehicle is scheduled to go into series production at the end of 2020. This LEV is set to make a name for itself in many disguises.

Schaeffler’s Bio-Hybrid was presented for the first time in Las Vegas at the CES. The German company’s micromobility solution is presumably called “hybrid” because it combines aspects of a bicycle and a car with several purpose-oriented variations in between. During the Bio-Hybrid’s test phase focus was placed on showing which different application scenarios are conceivable with the passenger and cargo versions of the pedelec in both city and on-campus areas.

The light electric vehicle is equipped with a roof and windscreen, is open at the sides, and will be available either with a second passenger seat, a box body with a capacity of 1,500 litres or as a pickup variant with an open cargo area. According to the manufacturer, the modular design of the cargo version also enables special applications, such as coffee bars or refrigerated trucks. Apart from such special applications, the Bio-Hybrid ergo can score particularly well in passenger transport, in factory and campus fleets and courier and parcel services.

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According to the Schaeffler subsidiary, the Bio-Hybrid manages with one-third of the parking space of a small car and does not require driving licences and permits in most countries. The electric drive supports users up to a speed of 25 km/h – just like an e-bike, or other micro-mobility solutions. As the company explains, the prototypes now being tested already have all the functions of the upcoming series models, such as an Internet-enabled operating concept including GPS. Unfortunately, detailed data on the vehicle’s electric drive and battery have still not been made public.

The German company Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Schaeffler Group and was founded at the end of 2017 and headquartered in Nuremberg. Within the Schaeffler Group, the subsidiary’s task is to develop the bio-hybrid to series maturity and bring it to market. “It works with the flexibility of a start-up company, but can draw on the entire technical expertise of the Schaeffler Group,” the company writes in their press release. Schaeffler had already presented a predecessor of the bio-hybrid in 2016 as a vision for individual transport in urban areas.


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  1. Van Fruniken

    Have you considered promoting the Bio-Hybrid as a last-mile enhancement for public transportation, where the latter can be made more efficient by restricting itself to (higher frequency) feeder lines to Bio-Hybrid parking lots.
    Of course, the problem of redistribution of the Bio-Hybrid car fleet (according to transportation availability needs within the working day) remains, and can be partly solved by providing smaller, widely distributed Bio-Hybrid parking lots within walking range of potential public transportation users.
    A self-driving redistribution policy could solve the problem entirely.

    • Trevor collins

      Wat a fantastic concept I’d absolutely love to own one and I love to make some changes but most importantly wat is the price please

  2. ronald avin

    what is the price?

    • Dee

      Are they available in Canada?

    • Alan Higgins

      Will this be available in the UK and what will the price be
      What time scale for the launch?

      • Lea

        when will these be for sale in America?

    • Anil Sondarava

      This is amazing idea of future eco-friendly transportation , I appreciate it. I want to buy . It available in India?

  3. Konstantinos Antonopoulos

    Ich will ein Lasten Pedelec Fahrrad kaufen, was kostet das? Ich wohne in Griechenland, bitte informieren Sie mich über Ihr Angebot!

  4. Luc Henri LOR-SAW

    Could you give me the price about your:
    Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid pedal-assist light electric vehicle.
    Best regards

    • Vincent Nguyen Thanh Vu

      It is really the future. I am looking for the opportunities to promote the products.

  5. Clyde Aylin


  6. jourdain

    comment on trouve votre vélo en france?


  7. Gio


    • Mike

      $400 – $500 would be expensive for the developing world and mass adoption.

  8. Catherine Casab

    What is the MSRP? Will there be an option for sides in inclement weather (soft or hard)?

  9. Steven D Waite Sr

    I need a price?

    • Robert Eveland

      Yes can I purchase one to deliver to my home

  10. Boris

    Hey . I live in Georgia, the city of Tbilisi
    I do not know how to drive a car. I have fear.
    But your vehicle is super.
    I am very interested in how much it costs?

  11. Mike

    $400 – $500 would be expensive for the developing world and mass adoption.

  12. Richie Lim

    Please let me know if you are interested in getting a distributorship for South-East Asia.
    I am interested to represent your product in my region from Singapore.

  13. Monte Whitefield

    I would love to market your bike in California! Great idea.


  14. Elisabetta

    What is the price ? Will you sell it in Italy?

  15. Filip Pauwels

    I don’t live in the city so I see it more as a second car to commute, to shop…
    Lose the pedals, make it closed and more powerfull.
    Find a solution to switch from passenger to cargo on the same bike!
    The Renault Twizy killer!

  16. Lance Stoll

    How much is it? Is it available in Thailand?

  17. Hira

    I want this product immediately. How can we buy this i in Denmark?

  18. Kalpani tharanga

    Hi…im kalpani tharanga.from kuweit.i want to buy bio hybrid can you tell me hiw about the prices and what kind of categories You have…

    Thank you.

  19. Peter

    A covered e assist trike gives major advantages over a non covered bicycle. Can’t wait to see them.

  20. Craig

    Hello echo friend, are your products available in the USA?

  21. Adrian Hill

    What is the price??

  22. Sallie

    I want one. When will they be available in the U.S.? I think these will sell like hotcakes. Love the pedals and also the hybrid electric assist. Does the pedaling action charge the battery?
    I’d like it even if it was only a pedal-driven vehicle.

  23. Lisa C Swatman

    I love this pedal assist bike/car!! Thank you! I would love to have one and help sell them! Please keep me on your mailing list.

    Thank you!!

  24. Diana Ott

    Good Day!

    Can you send me the price ?

    Diana Ott

  25. AudeCip

    What a great idea !
    Could you send me a brochure or the price , by email ?
    Thank you so much.

  26. Husánik jozef

    Are you not considering the possibility of higher speeds on roads and lower for cycle paths?

  27. waqar

    i guess its price gona be bitween 9 to 13000 euro,s

  28. Shane Quigley

    I like these a lot . What is there availability in the UK and what is the price .

  29. Pavani

    It is available?in india…
    What is the price of it

  30. Vidyasagararutla

    When these vehicles will be available in INDIA

  31. Daniel

    Been Waiting for a Electric Bike like this, Sure like to see this all over the world, I am sure there will not be enough supply for this demand. Need this Schaeffler Bio-Hybrid Personal Transport System ASAP.. Its been almost a Year, where is it for sale at?

  32. Thinh Nguyen

    What are the prices?
    Are they available in VietNam?

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