Amsterdam conducting tests for hybrid fire trucks


Over the next two years, Rosenbauer and the Amsterdam fire brigade intend to test a pre-series vehicle based on the Concept Fire Truck (CFT) in everyday use. After an implementation phase, the vehicle is to be delivered at the end of 2020.

Amsterdam is thus the second European capital after Berlin whose fire brigade is preparing for the integration of a hybrid fire truck into real operations. There is also a similar Rosenbauer project in Australia.

In accordance with its “Clean Air” action plan, Amsterdam has passed a law prohibiting trucks, buses and taxis with combustion engines from driving in urban areas from 2025. In 2030, a corresponding ban on driving private cars will also come into force. The “Brandweer Amsterdam Amstelland” also has to prepare itself for this. In the practical test in the daily emergency service, driving in the narrow streets of the Dutch capital is to be analysed, among other things, as Rosenbauer added in a press release.

“The new possibilities of this range-extended electrical vehicle are appealing,” says Tijs van Lieshout, commander of the Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade. “We not only will have state of the art technology and real time information at our disposal. We also contribute to a better environment, since an electrical fire truck is a first step towards an emission-free fire department, our collective goal for 2030”.

The communication does not specify how much the hybrid fire-fighting vehicle in Amsterdam is to drive electrically. According to Rosenbauer, the Berlin project aims to achieve an electric quota of 80 per cent of all deployment scenarios.

Rosenbauer sees the city of Amsterdam with its narrow streets and canals as the “ideal test environment” for the vehicle. “Working together, we are creating an optimal pre-series vehicle that will be thoroughly put through its paces, while at the same time acquiring practical knowledge of how to ideally integrate it into real-life operations,” says Dieter Siegel, CEO of Rosenbauer International.

Rosenbauer estimates the global market for CFT architecture to be around 3,200 vehicles by 2030, with 700 to 800 units already in use in Europe by 2025.


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