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Enough with the cosmetics


The Climate Activist group Extinction Rebellion has made headlines in France by sabotaging around 3,600 electric scooters in the capital and major cities. Their statement: “The electric scooter is just a toy of green capitalists, we don’t want them in our cities.”

The scooters were sabotaged with a simple obscuration of the QR code, which is necessary to unlock the vehicle. Extinction Rebellion cited a strong point: “Using the scooter still involved the emission of some 25 per cent of greenhouses cases that would be emitted if the journey was made by car, and 40 times that of a journey by public transport.”

Timing of the action was also calculated: Amid a public transport strike, the scooters have been a popular way around this. Furthermore, the environmental impact has not shown them to be as beneficial as marketed after their numbers exploded in the French capital over the past year.


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