OCPP certification available for charging


Companies that use the Open Charge Point Protocol 1.6 (OCPP 1.6) in their charging products can now certify their implementations. The Open Charge Alliance has launched an independent certification program for this purpose.

The Open Charge Alliance is an international partnership of more than 150 companies in the field of electric mobility. According to the announcement, the first four charging infrastructure providers have already received the certificates, namely Driivz, Greenlots, Alfen and EVBox.

The aim of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is to provide a uniform solution for the communication method between the charging station for electric vehicles and the charging station management system (CSMS). With this protocol it should be possible to connect any CSMS to any charging station, regardless of the manufacturer. This should prevent compatibility problems between the charging stations and the management systems.

Operators of charging infrastructure should be able to see from the certificate whether a charging station is guaranteed to be compatible with their CSMS. To obtain a certificate, the product must be tested by one of three selected independent test facilities. These are DNV-GL, KSGA and Dekra.

“EVBox has been a strong supporter of open standards like OCPP because it increases interoperability and accelerates EV adoption. A great benefit for all of us working in this industry,” says Arjan van Rooijen, CTO at the Dutch company. They will continue to help drive the standard forward.

Marco Roeleveld, CEO of Alfen, also in the Netherlands, expressed similar sentiments. “Alfen believes that the fastest route to delivering the interconnection and interoperability required for future smart and sustainable energy systems, is through open protocols and common standards,” said Roeleveld. “This accommodates the fastest technology and market development at least cost to the consumer”.

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