Tesla installs first 3rd-gen Superchargers in Europe


Tesla has installed eight third-generation Superchargers with charging capacities of up to 250 kW outside North America in London. It is also the 500th location in Europe. But there are also news about the Supercharger network from other countries.

But first a brief look at London: Tesla has installed eight pillars of the V3 supercharger at its Park Royal service center. There are also eight V2 Superchargers there, whose capacity has now also been increased from 120 to 150 kW. With a corresponding Model 3, the average charging time at the new V3 columns is to be reduced to 15 minutes; Tesla wants to serve twice as many cars per hour in this way.

Tesla has now installed a total of 4,700 rapid charging points in 24 countries in Europe. According to the company, the company wants to reach 99 percent of the European population with these. This means that almost a third of all Supercharger charging points are located in Europe, as the mark of 15,000 charging points in the Supercharger network has now been reached globally. According to, Tesla has put more than 2,000 new superchargers into operation in the second half of 2019 alone.

Since mid-2017, the expansion of the Tesla store network in Asia has also picked up speed. The focus here is of course the Chinese market. With the expected sales growth from the locally produced Model 3, Tesla is also increasingly investing in the local charging infrastructure. Currently, Tesla has completed its 300th supercharger charging station in China, as the company has announced via its WeChat account.

According to this, there are now 2,200 supercharger charging points in over 140 Chinese cities and along the motorways in between. Tesla also announced that it will continue to expand its store network in China and at the same time upgrade existing locations with additional pillars. According to the Chinese media, no precise targets were named for this. The first V3 station is also expected to go into operation in China soon; apparently the newer columns were set up in the city of Jinqiao near Shanghai.

But also Tesla customers in the USA will soon receive further charging points – even if not on superchargers. The e-car manufacturer has entered into a cooperation with EVgo: According to the agreement, the charging provider will retrofit all of its 750 rapid charging stations in North America with Tesla’s own charging plug used there. The first stations have already been retrofitted in the San Francisco region, with more to follow in 2020. However, billing will then be based on EVgo conditions.

Until now, Tesla drivers in the USA had to use a CHAdeMO adapter if they wanted to charge outside the supercharger network. EVgo offers the CCS1 connection and CHAdeMO at its charging stations. (London), (London), (Global), (China), (EVgo-Kooperation)


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