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BMW extends European i3 battery guarantee to 160,000 km


BMW has extended the warranty for the battery of the i3. With immediate effect, the Munich-based carmaker is increasing the maximum mileage in Europe associated with the eight-year warranty period from the previous 100,000 to now 160,000 kilometres.

This was announced in a press release from the German manufacturer, in which some of the first customers who have meanwhile completed more than 200,000 kilometres each with their BMW i3 report on their experiences. As BMW already emphasized in December, the production of the electric car is to be extended until 2024. However, there will be no successor after that year.

The fact that BMW is not planning a direct successor was already leaked in September. At that time, however, it sounded like a much shorter production end, which is why BMW boss Oliver Zipse contradicted the rumours in October and called the car an icon. Over the years, with the increasing range and better distribution of charging points, sales figures for the i3 have also risen steadily. Around 165,000 units of the compact electric car have been sold worldwide since the start of production in Leipzig in 2013, according to BMW headquarters.

In connection with the extended warranty for the battery, the Bavarians now say that “customer experience shows that even after long mileage, the range achievable with the original battery only decreases insignificantly. Until now, no high-voltage battery of a BMW i3 has had to be replaced due to premature aging”. Since the potential of the battery is far from exhausted after the 100,000 kilometres estimated to date, the warranty commitments for the battery in new BMW i3 vehicles in Europe have now been extended once again.

The German car and motorbike maker gave the BMW i3 and the sports offshoot i3s a further battery upgrade in September 2018: by using new Samsung cells with 120 Ah, the total capacity increased by almost 30 per cent to 42.2 kWh. At the market launch in 2013, the values were still 60 Ah and 22.6 kWh. The first battery update followed in 2016 with 94 Ah and 33 kWh. According to BMW, the switch to 120 Ah cells has increased the range according to WLTP measurements to 285 to 310 kilometres or 260 km in everyday operation. This corresponds to an increase of around 50 per cent compared to the BMW i3 with a first-generation high-voltage storage system. Incidentally, another battery update is still pending for the i3, as BMW announced in the course of extending production until 2024.

Interestingly, the maximum warranty for battery use in the USA had already stood at the 160,000 km (100,000 miles) that Europe has now been upgraded to. Whether this is due to American roads generally being more straight than the older, curving European roads or better technologies or measurement cycles being used is not entirely clear.

press.bmwgroup.com, insideevs.com


14 Kommentare zu “BMW extends European i3 battery guarantee to 160,000 km

  1. jerry mau

    my 2015 i3 bought in hong kong could only complete 100km per charge. till 2015 to now,it finished 11xxxxkm only,but the battery capacity decrease intensivly. what can we do except to pay a huge amount of money to replace the old model battery from the bmw dealer in hongkong?thanks

  2. ey

    I have similar problem. My 2015 i3 runs for 12xxxxkm and battery capacity significantly reduced.

    Another unhappy owner in HK.

  3. Dar

    Hi. Of course, changing the Bmw i3 battery from 60ah to 120ah is possible. In several places in Europe. The cheapest is in impexneth in the Netherlands, in addition, they have original 120ah batteries and not modified from several … I recommend it to everyone

  4. Georges

    Forget impexneth, really bad experience, definitely not the way to go.

    • Paul

      Did you have a problem with impexneth with the battery or with their mechanic who takes care of the replacement?
      I have been with them they have 120ah batteries but the mechanic has no appointments until October for replacement.
      Can you post a little more about your bad experiences?

      • Steve van Dijk

        It’s very hard to buy 120ah batteries from impexneth and I picked up mine in Czech Republic and I had to go there personally,
        it’s true that it’s very hard with impexneth.
        The whole service after purchasing the battery is very good.
        In my BMW i3, the range has increased from 102 km to 247 km

      • Geroges

        impexneth is a “company’ operated by Dominika Lewicka. She is totally unprofessional and don’t really know the BMW i3 batteries but just had the opportunity the source some broken i3. Communication is very difficult with her, price very unclear and unstable.

  5. Mark

    My 2017 I3 Rex 94 Ah battery is showing around 29 Kwh of the original 29.6 Kwh and I certainly get the same range as I did when it was new, same driving conditions, same route, fantastic, the 94 Ah battery life has significantly improved. I have almost 96,000 Kms on it.

    The original 60 Ah did suffer much greater capacity loss and it also charged slowed at a DC 50 Kw charger, the 94 Ah charged much faster.

    • Mike

      I don’t think the 60Ah battery suffers more capacity loss percentage wise than the 94Ah battery version.
      The older i3s are only suffering about a 7% battery degradation after 6/7 years. We will know the real capacity loss of a 2017 i3’s battery in 2023.
      Right now, I suspect that 2017 i3s have at least a 3.5% battery capacity loss.

  6. I3_Driver

    I have just checked my I3. I have 15.1kWh left. I know this is a bit less than 80% left. But I’m worried that the batteries will go under the 70% in two years time. My car is from July 2015. Where can you buy replacement batteries in The Netherlands?

    • Seckington

      I have a i3 with range extender nobody talks about this model. Why ?

      • Mike

        Yes we do

    • Mike

      How many miles are on your i3?
      How often do you charge from 0 to 100%?
      Do you do a lot of level 3 charging?
      The 2015 i3 only had 18.5kw useable capacity to the driver when new.

  7. Kerry Williams

    I have a 2014 i3 with extender ex Japan which is only charging to 85 k I’ve tried to get bmw New Zealand interested in giving me some advice as to why but only get fobbed off Can anyone assist Total mileage for car is 48000 k

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