Austrian hybrid Tesla for the masses

In order to lower the price of the Tesla Model 3, the Austrian company Obrist Powertrain is converting the Californian BEV to hybrid drive – with a smaller battery (17.3 kWh) and a small petrol engine in the front. However, the hybrid Tesla Model 3 will then only be able to drive just under 100 kilometres electrically.

While the move seems a little baffling, it may help popularize electric vehicles, as the designers claim that the local charging infrastructure is simply not developed enough for a fully electric vehicle. The cost reduction compared to the standard BEV battery in the Tesla Model 3 also saves around 55% of the cost, which may prove a more significant factor for drivers who wish to appear they are driving in a Tesla, while may not carrying all the financial and environmental weight that comes with it.

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about „Austrian hybrid Tesla for the masses“
03.02.2020 um 14:33
95% of H2 is produced from fossile fuels. So much said about environmental weight ...

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