Jan 8, 2020 - 12:29 pm

Russian Cybertruck hits the road – with fossil fuels

Tesla’s Cybertruck apparently inspired Russian mechanics to modify an old Lada to look like the electric pickup. Seemingly missing the point, the Cybertruck replica still runs on a conventional combustion engine – at least the maker of the project added that he is thinking about installing an electric motor in the future.

We suspect that the vehicle performance also suffered a bit, as we do not expect a Lada to be able to compete with the pulling power that Tesla’s newest creation brings to the road. It is nice to see a new design inspired by an old design reincorporated onto an old vehicle. That’s some out of the box thinking!


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Ein Kommentar zu “Russian Cybertruck hits the road – with fossil fuels

  1. TomLeeM

    I think it is nice. I think it would work more as a passenger vehicle than a truck. Even though the builder says they will change it as an electric, having it gas powered makes more sense till they improve batteries, controllers, and electric motors to the point of truly competing with ICE vehicles. Even then, I think there will be a need for gas powered vehicles.

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08.01.2020 12:59