Electric car-sharing service GreenMobility heads to Belgium


Denmark’s all-electric car-sharing provider GreenMobility is expanding into Belgium with a new operating licence in Antwerp. The company wants to set up a joint venture with local partners, that is to run a fleet of up to 350 e-cars.

The advance is supported by the city council of Antwerp, that sees “strong potential” in shared electric car offers, according to GreenMobility’s statement. The Danish company added its analysis, saying it “assessed that the Belgian market holds significant potential and therefore decided to enter Belgium in a joint venture with its local partner Deurnese Transportmaatschappij NV (DTM)”.

Building on local partners through wholly or partly owned subsidiaries is a new strategy, as other local operations mostly run as franchise partnerships. GreenMobility has however tried the new business model already in its home market in Copenhagen and Aarhus. More so, Malmö and Gothenburg in Sweden have been added to the expansion schedule with launches expected in early 2020.

Also in Belgium, the company aims to further traction. “We see Belgium as a strong and fast-growing market for electric car-sharing, which with a clear political focus and financial support for EV’s, gives the optimal opportunity for a fast market entry and an interesting business model, specifically in the region of Flandern, as our first geographical focus area, which will be followed by a launch plan for Gent and Brussels,” says Thomas Heltborg Juul, CEO of GreenMobility.

GreenMobility’s latest electric carsharing in Antwerp is to start this spring to dispatch a total of 350 electric cars. While the company did not specify the type of EV, these electric cars are likely to come from Renault. GreenMobility already uses the Zoe EV for its car-sharing offers in Oslo as well as Dublin. Also at their home base in Copenhagen the service launched in June 2016 with strong support by Renault reportedly.



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