DCS launches UK-wide charging card for EVs


Digital Charging Solutions launches a unified solution with partner OEM to enable EV drivers to access stations from more than fifteen domestic providers such as Podpoint, Source London, or Ionity.

Other charge point operators (CPOs) included in the new offer are Instavolt, E-Flux,, Fastned, EV-Box and Geniepoint. The DCS service can then be used with a single contract and charging card. So far, only customers of the Audi e-tron Charging Service in Great Britain were benefiting from this offer.

Digital Charging Solutions is based in Munich, however, made the move to bundle charging services in the UK, which had previously been managed through individual contracts with the respective charge point operators, making the process not only more complicated, but also more expensive.

By bundling the charging services, DCS now has access to a network of more than 140,000 charging points across 29 countries. In the UK alone, the network features 7,400 charging points and is described by the company as “the fastest-growing public charging network on the continent”. As Managing Director Markus Bartenschlager puts it: “We want to establish electromobility as a priority mobility option for our customers worldwide, reduce complexity and combine individual providers of charging stations into one service.”

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