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Mercedes-Benz eVito van finally arrives in the UK


Mercedes-Benz now offers its electric van e-Vito in the UK. Finally, you may add and at prices starting around the 40,000-pound mark (before the plug-in grant) and is available to order now.

In detail, pricing for the entry-level Mercedes eVito Pure starts at £39,895 for the smaller L2 model and £40,415 for the larger L2 version. All those figures exclude VAT – but they also don’t include the UK government’s electric vehicle grant. The eVito qualifies for the plug-in-van-grant, which means a saving of as much 20% off the list price, up to a maximum of £8,000 in case of commercial vehicles.

The pure electric van offers 85 (70) kW of power and a 92-mile (about 150 km) average range from 41 kWh battery pack. Being AC charging only, it takes about six hours for a full charge.

The eVito comes in tow lengths and two trims each, so four variants in total.

The more extended version, L3 offers 6.6 m3 cargo volume, while the eVito L2 is slightly smaller and offers 6.0 m3 cargo volume. Being smaller means, it is also lighter, and as both vans have the same gross vehicle weight at 3,200kg, the payload of the L2 is 923 kg. This means the larger van has a lower payload at 898kg as the van as such weighs more.

More so, Mercedes offers its eVito as Pure and Progressive range. The eVito Pure specification mostly resembles the Vito van. The Progressive line includes colour-coded bumpers, full wheel covers, front fog lights, headlight assist, and other features such as electrically foldable mirrors, all as standard.

In all variants, buyers will receive remote access, digital drivers’ log, drive style monitoring, real-time variable servicing monitoring, parking time monitor and geo-fence options.

The eVito van is available for anyone to order from Mercedes-Benz van dealers in the UK as of today.

A first client has already been found in Royal Mail that is growing its London fleet with 87 electric vans, including the eVito and Peugeot Partner EV reported. In other countries like Germany or the Netherlands, the Mercedes electric van has been on sale for some time.,,


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