Wiltshire welcomes “electric reds” – e-buses by BYD ADL

Wiltshire-based bus operator Salisbury Reds has put into service its first all-electric buses, three single decks from BYD-ADL. The total investment of £1.2M has been subsidised with £600,000 government funding following a successful submission by Wiltshire Council.

The three electric buses, liveried as ‘electric reds’, are now in operation on Park & Ride services for Britford and Petersfinger. Each new electric vehicle offers 24 seats and an overall 66 passenger capacity. The e-buses of type BYD ADL Enviro200EV achieves 160 miles (257 km) on a single charge and measures close to 11 metres. Power is delivered through its drivetrain comprising 330 kWh electric motor and Iron-Phosphate batteries.

Salisbury Reds managing director, Andrew Wickham, said: “together with Wiltshire Council, our team worked incredibly hard to gain government support, under the Low Emission Bus Scheme”.

The British government recently launched another scheme aimed at local councils and bus operators. Funding of up to up to £50 million will be provided for electric buses and infrastructure to the area that can provide a plan designed to have a “gold standard” effect for a new zero-emission bus town.



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