Gloucestershire police to sport England’s largest fully electric fleet

Britain’s largest electric police fleet has launched in the county of Gloucestershire in the southwest of England. The fleet will belong to the Gloucestershire police force and will comprise of 75 electric vehicles from Nissan, 66 of which are Leaf and nine e-NV200s.

The fully electric cars and vans are part of a commitment by Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Martin Surl to ‘A Green and Pleasant County’, aimed at making the Gloucestershire Constabulary as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

The Commissioner has even bigger plans: “The new fleet will save a considerable amount of Co2 and money, giving Gloucestershire a larger percentage of fully-electric vehicles in its fleet than any other force. I hope the ConstabularyConstabulary will be able to build on this great work and extend its electric fleet to 40 per cent within the next four years.”

The police expect the electric vehicles to result in cost savings estimated at over £138,000 per year due to decreased fuel maintenance costs in comparison to combustion-engine cars. In this way, the force also benefits from reduced off-the-road time.

So far, none of the vehicles will be used as response vehicles, but rather by local investigation teams. The Constabulary expects the delivery of the 65 fully-electric cars and ten fully-electric vans from Nissan by the end of April 2020. Forty-four new charge points have been installed around various police buildings in Gloucestershire, so the vehicles are always well charged. At the same time, the Gloucestershire Constabulary uses 7kW charges at its campus to charge the EVs overnight.,,


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