Volkswagen and British Gas: UK home charging package


Volkswagen has agreed to a three-year partnership with the British energy supplier Centrica to provide home charging solutions and services for VW’s electric car customers in the UK. The offers will be handled specifically by the Volkswagen subsidiary Elli and the Centrica brand British Gas.

The agreement would help Volkswagen accelerate the rollout of its electric cars across the UK, offering customers lower charging prices at home. Volkswagen customers will be offered a one-stop package, that includes cheaper energy rates for nighttime charging, for example. The chargers will be installed by British Gas engineers. British Gas will also be responsible for aftersales services and electrical upgrades across Britain.

The chargers themselves will be provided by Elli, Volkswagen’s main provider of charging hardware and services, who will cooperate with Centrica’s British Gas according to the agreement.

The agreement should help British Gas to secure revenue in an increasingly competitive energy provider environment. A year ago, the parent company Centrica struck a deal with Ford to market its car chargers and charging tariffs from Ford dealerships across the UK. Similar collaborations have been secured by Ovo Energy and Nissan in the UK. Centrica says they are working with car manufacturers, fleet owners and public bodies on electric car charging, providing an EV enablement package which includes charger infrastructure, energy management, financing, and optimisation.,,


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