Serbia installs subsidies for most electrified vehicles


The Serbian government is introducing purchase premiums for electric and hybrid vehicles, including electric mopeds and motorcycles. The budget for the grants is one million euro this year.

Any individual or company may claim the subsidy on the day of purchasing an electric vehicle. However, the Ministry of Environmental Protection wrote it excludes firms and entrepreneurs that have received support in line with the decree for the renewal of the taxi fleet from last year.

Under the new subsidy policy, electric cars and light commercial EVs are being prefered as they receive the purchase premiums of 5,000 euros in Serbian dinars equivalent. Serbia includes plug-in hybrids in the scheme for which drivers may claim 3,500 euros. Full hybrids receive 2,500 euros.

Besides, light electric vehicles in classes L1e and L2e will be funded with 250 euros, vehicles in classes L3e to L7e with 500 euros. This includes three-wheelers.

Future EV drivers need to send an application for funding to the ministry. The funds will also be granted for down payments for loans and leases after the buyer pays at least 15%.

Serbia has reserved a total budget of one million euros for the purchase premiums for the current year. Yet ministers in Belgrade left an option to increase the budget if necessary with the subsidy scheme starting in a week.

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