Automobile manufacturers enter mask making

Respirators are not the only necessity that carmakers can produce: More and more carmakers want to donate medical face masks during the coronavirus crisis. In Europe, manufacturers are already retooling their production lines.

Volkswagen declared that it “intends to supply almost 200,000 respirators of the categories FFP-2 and FFP-3” in the near future, following the retooling process. Daimler wants to hand over about 110,000 masks to the state government of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany. BMW also wants to donate 100,000 respirators. ZF already produces protective masks – but only in China.

VW also wants to produce parts for the crucial respirators. Skoda has already printed the first test parts. PSA is currently still testing the possibility. And Ferrari and Fiat also want to help by making respirators for the overburdened hospitals in Italy.

The move is not unprecedented as carmakers such as BYD had turned medical equipment supplier in China as reported. The British Government had also called for help but it is uncertain what has come from the plea.

nypost (Ferrari, Fiat),, (Skoda, PSA, in German), (ZF, in German)


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