Mar 23, 2020 - 02:56 pm

Aidelaide airport to electrify bus fleet

Australia’s Adelaide Airport wants to become the first airport in Australia with a fully electric bus fleet. Plans are to begin next year, with SkyBus selected as the new operator of its shuttle buses for five years.

SkyBus is a shuttle bus operator based in Australia and New Zealand, where they provide services for around five million passengers annually. They are currently also active in Melbourne and Auckland’s airports, where the company offers car park and airside transport. The Adelaide assignment will be SkyBus’ first foray into the area of electrified transportation, and the buses will be provided by local Precision Buses for operation.

Brenton Cox, executive general manager at Adelaide Airport, was happy about the development and the ability to involve a local producer in the electrification initiative: “The ability to engage a leading operator and local industry to provide a sustainable transport solution for both airside and landside buses is an excellent outcome for all of our stakeholders.”

The electric buses are expected to replace the existing fleet by early 2021. No technical details regarding the e-bus models have been disclosed so far.


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