Apr 14, 2020 - 04:23 pm

Will BMW release three 7 Series electric cars?

When announcing its annual figures last month, BMW confirmed that the next generation of the 7 Series would also have a purely electric model. Now it seems that they may even be planning three electric versions of the 7-series.

The BMW blog has just aired a rumour that BMW is planning three performance levels of the confirmed electric sedan: the i740 and i750 as well as a version for the performance brand BMW M, which is to be called i7 M60 or simply Mi7. Also, according to the report, the plug-in hybrid variant 745e will be continued, and a new PHEV version for BMW M will be added with the M750e. The latter (BMW Blog refers to two sources here) is said to be a PHEV with the 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder engine with a system output of over 367 kW. This may mean that the model replaces the previous V8 without a plugless hybrid version.

The insider-report also mentions not only possible model names but also technical data on the planned BEV offshoots – although they say this information is speculative rather than confirmed. The i740 will probably only have an electric motor in the rear and is expected to be in the power class around 250 kW. The i750, however, could already get two electric motors and thus a four-wheel drive, the speculation here is about 330 kW power.

The Mi7 could serve as a replacement for the previous V12 petrol engine, so it is likely to have an output in the 480 to 500 kW range. The talk is of “at least two electric motors” – BMW has already shown in the prototype Power BEV based on a 5-series that they are working on an electric drive with three motors. According to BMW Blog, the battery of the Mi7 could have an energy capacity of more than 100 kWh, which should allow a range of 640 kilometres.



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