Bollinger presents electric chassis for 3rd parties

Bollinger Motors has introduced the ‘B2 Chassis Cab’ (B2CC), a chassis with cab, based on its recently presented electric vehicle platform, which is to be offered to other manufacturers from the end of 2021.

According to Bollinger, the B2 Chassis Cab is suitable as a basis for a wide variety of light electric utility vehicles, for example for municipalities, airports, electricians and plumbers. Two and four-door versions with different wheelbases are planned.

In March, CEO Robert Bollinger said that the B1 SUV meets the requirements of Class 3 for US commercial vehicles, but that it is also undergoing homologation according to US, CA, EU and ECE standards. “When we first built the B1, we knew that the platform had a commercial aspect,” Bollinger said. “Not only do chassis fit on our electric chassis, but also completely new truck bodies, which make the world fully electric much faster”.

For commercial customers, the B2CC – as the name “Chassis Cab” suggests – is to be offered as a combination of chassis and cab. The two and four-door versions will be available as a fully enclosed cab and as a “cutaway” version that merges directly into the body. Besides, customers will be able to choose between different wheelbases to obtain the vehicle best suited to their purposes. In some graphics, Bollinger indicates with silhouettes which superstructures would be conceivable.

The B2CC has a 120 kWh battery and a four-wheel drive with one electric motor per axle. Bollinger states that the maximum payload is 5,000 pounds or around 2,268 kilograms. The platform should be easily adaptable to different wheelbases; the chassis has hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension, hydraulic ABS and electronic traction and stability control. The AC on-board charger has an output of between 5 and 15 kW, while Bollinger specifies the DC charging time as 75 minutes.

However, Bollinger still has not quoted prices for the Cab chassis, which is based on the B2 electric pickup. Apparently, the rates depend strongly on the respective configuration and the order quantity – and the production: The partners can buy the chassis directly from Bollinger or manufacture it themselves under license. According to Robert Bollinger, the lower operating costs should make the B2 chassis cab “perfect for large and small companies”.,,


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