May 5, 2020 - 04:06 pm

Leipzig public transport goes electric

The Leipzig transport authority (LVB) has ordered their first electric buses for use in regular service and awarded the contract to the Dutch manufacturer VDL Bus & Coach. They are to supply 21 e-buses to Saxony by the end of this year.

The use of VDL’s electric 12-metre buses is planned on lines 74, 76 and 89. Besides, an extension to the articulated bus line 60 is in preparation. The invitation to tender for the planned articulated electric buses is to be issued before the end of 2020, with delivery scheduled for 2022.

LVB does not refer to technical specifications of the ordered vehicles in the notification. The charging concept is not described in detail, either. With the Citea SLF Electric, VDL has a 12-metre low-floor bus in its range – vehicles of this type are already in operation in Münster, for example. With the Citea SLFA 181 Electric, the Dutch company is also offering an 18.1-metre-long electric articulated bus for further tendering – the electric articulated bus is used in Osnabrück, for example. The Citea Electric models can be charged by cable in the depot, but also by pantograph on the road.

Following a feasibility study, the LVB supervisory board has already decided in 2018 to gradually move into the procurement of electric buses, as Ronald Juhrs, LVB Managing Director Technology and Operations, says. The current technology and market situation do not yet allow a total renunciation of diesel drives. According to the LVB communication, the procurement is to be supplemented with diesel buses “to meet the highest exhaust emission standards and efficient drive technology to reduce emissions in traffic further” – the talk is of 50 new diesel buses.

LVB is supported in the procurement by the federal and state governments. While the funding from Berlin is not specified precisely, the Free State of Saxony is supporting the purchase of 16 standard articulated buses and 34 standard scheduled-service buses with 4.3 million euros., (both in German)


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  1. Robert D Sanchez

    Good for them. If I am not mistaken this city is located in the former DDR one of the most polluted sections of the country. Now all that needs to be done is for Poland to go renewable and ev.

  2. Janusz

    Poland is becoming greener than other countries. In the town of Zielona Gora 60 km from the German border we have already replaced all buses with electric ones. The whole infrastructure for charging electric buses has been built there. Bus loops with electric chargers with pantograph. Depots with CCS Combo 2. Everything was built by a company from Polish Ekoenergetyka, the same company that supplied chargers to Berlin to BVG. There are many cities in Poland that already have a lot of electric buses.

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