Nissan Europe adds Voltia electric van to its range

The fully-electric van is a version of the e-NV200 with a larger load floor. Until now, the model has been marketed by the e-mobility specialist under its own management but from now on, the model will be sold by Nissan in Europe as the Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia.

The Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia is a conversion from Voltia. The specialists from Slovakia have converted an e-NV200 into a high roof transporter for this purpose. The body and loading area have been lengthened slightly towards the rear, while the roof behind the driver’s cab has been made considerably higher. This means that the XL version of the e-NV200 with eight cubic metres has a loading space twice as large as the basic model.

The eight cubic metre model is 2.42 metres high, which is why Voltia also offers a version that is only two metres high to be suitable for garages and car parks with lower ceilings. This version has a six cubic metre cargo space.

Voltia had already launched the conversion with the original 24 kWh version of the e-NV200, but the current models have the newer 40 kWh battery. According to Voltia, the vehicle has been optimised primarily for delivery on the last mile. So far the Slovakians have distributed the model on their own and sold it to the French parcel service Chronopost and the British logistics company Gnewt, for example.

“Our collaborative efforts reinforce our shared view that evolving the LCV segment will be crucial for facilitating cost-effective and sustainable end-to-end delivery, for large and small businesses alike,” says Juraj Ulehla, Managing Director of Voltia. “Partnering with a global automaker like Nissan truly reinforces the quality of our vehicles,” he continued.

Manuel Burdiel Alvaro, Nissan General Manager Europe, LCV Sales and Business Development, also underlines the importance of the light e-commercial vehicle segment: “Thanks to its competitive pricing, zero-emission electric power and 8m³ of versatile cargo space, the Nissan e-NV200 XL Voltia is designed from the ground-up to support increasing e-commerce and last-mile delivery demand in cities throughout Europe.”

The conversion of an existing e-NV200 at Voltia costs at least 9,950 euros according to the Slovakian website, while a new and already converted vehicle is available from 38,500 euros. Nissan itself offers the e-NV200 as a panel van in Germany at prices starting at 34,105 euros, the passenger version e-NV200 Evalia is available from 43,433 euros. Prices for the e-NV200 XL Voltia can not yet be found on Nissan commercial vehicles websites.

Voltia has production facilities in France, the United Kingdom and Slovakia. Up to 10,000 vehicles are to be produced per year in these plants. In the UK in January, the Bevan Group signed a “landmark partnership agreement” with Voltia, under which it has been awarded a license to assemble and market Nissan’s eNV-200 electric van in the converted form in Great Britain and Ireland.,


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