Volvo planning a larger eSUV Coupé XC100


It seems Volvo is planning an XC100 Recharge as a purely electric model. According to an article in US media, the coupé-like SUV is not intended to replace the XC90, but should instead complement the model range with a difference.

As MotorTrend reports, from 2023 (as the model year 2024) the XC100 will be powered exclusively by batteries, while the XC90 will also be available with hybrid drives in addition to the BEV version. According to the report, both the new XC90 and the XC100 will be based on Volvo’s SPA II architecture.

Unfortunately, MotorTrend has not named a source for information on the XC100 Recharge. The magazine isn’t holding back with speculations, saying that the XC100 Recharge is to take over the role of Volvo’s flagship. The car’s trendy exterior perhaps supports this, comfort and luxury-oriented chassis, semi-autonomous driving functions and an interior with four instead of five seats, whereby two luxurious individual rear seats are installed instead of a classic back seat.

The SPA-II platform is a further development of the well-known Scalable Platform Architecture, which was introduced in 2014 with the second generation of the XC90. The SPA-II is scheduled for launch next year with the third generation of the Volvo SUV and has been optimised primarily for alternative drive systems. The vehicles will always have hybridisation, and battery electric drives can also be installed.

With the XC40 Recharge, Volvo will build a small e-SUV starting in autumn, but the XC40 is based on the smaller CMA platform. For this purpose, Volvo has set up its battery assembly facility in Ghent, Belgium. A similar system is currently being built at the US plant in Charleston, probably for the XC90 Recharge and possibly now also for the XC100 Recharge.


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