May 15, 2020 - 03:50 pm

Premium e-bikes & e-scooters by Ducati incoming

The Italian motorcycle Ducati is entering the micro-mobility space as the VW brand launches folding e-bikes and kick-scooters with electric drive under the Ducati Urban e-Mobility line. They are working with Italy’s MT Distribution for the new model range.

A total of seven different models will come on the market this year. Ducati – generally known more for powerful premium motorcycles with V2 engines – had already launched several bikes as part of cooperation agreements. However, in line with the brand’s premium positioning, these were in the exclusive high-price segment and not two-wheelers designed to promote the transport turnaround.

As ‘urban e-mobility’ suggests, this is different for the new light electric vehicles to be sold as Ducati, Ducati Corse and Ducati Scrambler. Depending on the model, the e-scooters have an output of between 250 and 500 watts, while the e-bikes are limited to 250 watts – making them suitable for most European countries. What’s more, Ducati envisions off-road driving as well, of sorts at least in comparison to other kick-scooters.

Details are only known for two models so far. The e-scooter ‘Cross-E’ has fat tyres suitable for adverse road conditions and is sold as Ducati Scrambler Cross-E, in line with the motorcycle models. The motor delivers 500 watts and the battery 375 watt-hours, which should be sufficient for a range of 30 to 35 kilometres.

The second model, the ‘Pro II’ is designed for the urban road and is sold under the core Ducati brand. The 350-watt drive, in combination with the 280-watt battery, should suffice for a range of 25-30 kilometres. Electric disc brakes are installed at the front and rear, and all models feature lights for driving at night.

It is not yet known which models will be offered under the Ducati Corse racing brand – nor are the exact specifications of the electric folding bikes. Ducati will announce these in the coming weeks, hopefully then also specifying prices. All vehicles are to be available for purchase via the Ducati online shop or the well-known motorcycle dealer network. Ducati will present the Cross-E will on 20 June and the Pro II on 6 July.,


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