An electric scooter made by Vmoto and Ducati


The Sino-Australian bike manufacturer Vmoto has signed a worldwide license agreement with the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati. The agreement provides for the distribution of CUx electric scooters under the Ducati brand through Vmoto’s dealer network.

So far, the CUx electric scooter has been marketed under Vmoto’s own Super SOCO brand. Of course, the model should not simply be stamped “Ducati”. Rather, both partners are planning a luxury version of the scooter that will be offered to customers at a premium price. While the Ducati scooter is distributed and sold via the existing Vmoto network, the Italians want to take over most of the marketing.

Currently, the 2019 CUx has a 2.8 kW Bosch engine and a top speed of 45 km/h. The 2019 CUx is equipped with a 2.8 kW Bosch engine. The E-scooter’s battery has a capacity of 1.8 kWh and is expected to have a range of 75 kilometers.

Admittedly, an electric scooter is not generally what many people associate with Ducati. CEO Claudio Domenicali has already revealed in January that under the roof of the company an electric motorbike is in the making – but without revealing any details., (PDF)


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