Renault’s electric car sharing project Zity launches in Paris

Renault is now officially launching a fleet of 500 electric Zoe in Paris as part of the Zity e-car sharing service. Renault already presented the car-sharing offer at the end of February, but due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, the service was temporarily suspended.

Zity is an electric car-sharing service founded by Renault and Ferrovial that was introduced in Madrid in 2017. It is now being launched on the Seine with 500 Renault Zoe, which Renault is withdrawing for the most part from the previous Moov’in fleet. The French company has emphasised that Zity will start under strict hygiene and safety measures. The business area covers 105 square kilometres and covers both Paris and the northern neighbouring municipality of Clichy.

In mid-2018, Renault started an electric car-sharing scheme called Moov’in with ADA, a subsidiary of the Rousselet Group with more than 100 car rental agencies in the French capital. The car group was thus the first of several providers (including Free2Move from PSA and ShareNow from Daimler and BMW) to make inroads into the supply gap created by Autolib, the long-standing stationary electric car-sharing scheme. Apparently, the cooperation between Renault and ADA did not harmonize. While Renault is now switching over to the cooperation with the Spanish construction and infrastructure group Ferrovial that has been tried and tested for two years in Madrid, ADA is also continuing the Moov’in legacy with a car-sharing scheme, which is apparently based on conventionally powered cars. This can be seen on the former Moov’in website. The new service is now called ADA Paris.

The French company is now promoting Zity as a particularly flexible offer that is accessible around the clock: customers can choose between a minute model, a fixed rental period or time credits with “savings packages” without registration or subscription fees. In addition, a “stand-by” price is to be introduced in case customers want to park their cars for a while while while using the service (whether inside or outside the business area). The electric car will then have to be parked for good in Paris or Clichy in a ground-level public car park (i.e. not an underground car park), which is likely to be the biggest challenge for customers given the shortage of parking spaces in the French capital.

Prices have now also been made public: For the introduction, there is an “attractive introductory price” of 0.29 euros per minute or 0.13 euros per minute in standby mode, according to Renault. The rates for extended use are 35 euros for 24 hours, 55 euros for 48 hours and 65 euros for 72 hours rental.

“Against the background of the current health crisis and major environmental challenges, we are all the more convinced that it makes sense to offer Parisians a complementary mobility solution under strict health conditions: electric, easily accessible and sustainable,” says Gilles Normand, Senior Vice President Electric Vehicles & Mobility Services of the Renault Group.

With reporting by Cora Werwitzke, France.


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