Gogoro offering first lightweight e-bikes under Eeyo brand


Taiwan’s e-scooter manufacturer Gogoro is expanding its range to include electric bicycles. Under the new brand name Eeyo, the company has now introduced the first models Eeyo 1 and Eeyo 1S, built to score points above all with their low weight.

Another unique feature of the Gogoro pedelecs is the so-called Smartwheel: The rear wheel combines the 123-Wh drive as well as battery, sensors and computing unit in a closed hub not unlike the MIT’s original Copenhagen Wheel. Thanks to an assistance system based on sensor technology called ‘Intelligent Power Assist’, the user always receives “balanced and natural-feeling support” when pedalling, Gogoro explains in a message. As agile lightweights, the first two model variants of the Taiwanese company are aimed to score popularity in urban areas.

According to the manufacturer, the range is 65 or 90 kilometres, depending on the riding mode. The sport mode offers responsive support and is intended to promote speed and driving pleasure. In eco mode, the focus is on the increased range by limiting the power assistance. The Gogoro wheels are charged by a charging cable that can be attached to the wheel hub. The company also offers an optional charging system that also serves as a stand for the bike, automatically recharging the battery while it is stationary. Other features include an automatic motor block (“auto-lock”) as soon as the user moves away from the Eeyo 1 or 1S, as well as over-the-air updates that allow the functions of the Smartwheel to be updated and expanded at a later date.

The Eeyo 1 and the Eeyo 1S differ from each other only in a few details. Frame and fork are both made of carbon. This also applies to the handlebars, rims and seat post on the 1S, while these elements are made of aluminium on the 1. This results in a weight difference of 11.9 kg (1S) to 12.4 kg (1). The colour scheme is also different: while the 1S will only be available in warm white, the Eeyo 1 is available in cloudy blue and lobster orange. Sales are scheduled to begin in July in the USA and Taiwan and later this summer in Europe as well. Gogoro puts the prices at 3,899 (1) and 4,599 US dollars (1S), converted into 3,500 and 4,130 euros.

And the two e-bikes are just the beginning: Gogoro wants to follow suit quickly under the Eeyo brand. The Taiwanese are also planning to cooperate with third parties to accelerate the spread of smart wheel technology.

So far, Gogoro has made a name for itself primarily as an electric scooter manufacturer. Among other things, the company presented its latest debut model – the Gogoro Viva – in September 2019. From a pure manufacturer, Gogoro is also increasingly moving towards mobility services. Last year, for example, the company announced its intention to introduce its sharing service called GoShare in several cities worldwide from the end of 2020.,,,


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