Caverion now service partner for Ionity in five countries

Finnish company Caverion and the high power charging joint venture Ionity have entered into an international service partnership. Caverion is responsible for the maintenance and service of transformers at Ionity’s HPC stations for electric vehicles in Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The project will be managed centrally and executed by subsidiaries in the respective countries. Caverion Group is a specialist for technical building services and the installation and maintenance of technical supply systems. While the company is headquartered in Finnland, it is also active in Germany with a subsidiary based in Munich. The new service contract is not the first cooperation between the Finnish company and Ionity. Caverion is currently installing new charging stations for Ionity in Norway and Sweden.

This has obviously convinced the fast-charging provider, as Jan Haugen Ihle, Ionity Regional Head of EU North says: “We look for international partners who can offer us reliable, professional and fast service with consistent quality. We have worked with Caverion in Norway and based on our experience, we were ready to take the next step in our partnership.”


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