Jun 9, 2020 - 06:11 pm

Vy Buss orders 49 articulated electric buses from Volvo


Volvo Buses has received an order from the Swedish public transit operator Vy Buss for 49 purely electric articulated buses. The vehicles will be used in the Swedish city of Jönköping from summer 2021.

The order from Vy Buss was received earlier this year, but Volvo Buses has only just published it. Volvo does not, however, indicate the financial volume of the deal in the notification.

The ordered model is the 7900 Electric Articulated, which will be introduced in autumn 2019. Buses of this type can carry up to 120 passengers. Volvo does not specify the exact battery capacity of the vehicles (maximum possible is 396 kWh). The communication only states that Volvo and Vy Buss have carried out route analyses and calculations “which form the basis for optimising the battery capacity of the buses”.

However, details of the charging strategy in Jönköping are known. At the beginning of May, ABB received an order to build ten pantrographic fast chargers, each with 450 kW in the city. The chargers will be used to supply the electric buses on lines 1 to 4 with electricity. An intermediate charge should take between five and seven minutes.

According to Volvo, the vehicles are prepared for automatic speed control in certain geographical areas. The so-called zone management system will automatically slow down the buses when they approach schools, hospitals and other facilities where there are many unprotected road users.

“Through its commitment to making public transport more attractive, efficient and accessible with well-designed, quiet and emission-free high-performance buses, Jönköping is showing how the city’s public transport system can become more sustainable,” says Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses. “This will be even more important to retain and attract new passengers after the Covid 19 pandemic”.



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