Renault increases subsidy share for customers in Germany

In Germany, Renault is increasing its manufacturer’s share for subsidising the purchase of its electric vehicles. From now on, private customers will receive a bonus of 10,000 euros when buying a new Zoe or Kangoo Z.E. But the discount has a catch.

Renault’s ‘electric bonus’ is made up of the 6,100 euro environmental bonus granted by the state (6,000 euro BAFA bonus including 100 euro AVAS subsidy) along with the Renault subsidy, which has now been increased to 3,900 euro. Basically, Renault is increasing the manufacturer’s share from 3,000 to 3,900 euros to reach the five-digit total subsidy. The problem: the ‘innovation premium‘ that is supposed to double the state’s share of the environmental bonus to 6,000 euros, has only been announced but not yet implemented.

For the small electric car Renault Zoe, the 10,000 euro bonus means that after the subsidy, prices will start at 19,990 euros including the battery. Those who rent the battery (from 74 euros per month) can receive the Zoe on 11,900 euros. For the Kangoo Z.E. electric delivery van, the introductory price drops with the subsidy to 18,575 euros net or 22,105 euros gross – in this case with battery purchase.

For the new Captur plug-in hybrid, there is a premium of 7,500 euros, which is also made up of the BAFA subsidy and the top-up from Renault. With the ‘Intens’ equipment version, the PHEV is available from 26,100 euros after the grant.

“As the market leader in Germany for electric vehicles, we are once again setting a strong signal for more electric mobility,” says Renault Germany boss Uwe Hochgeschurtz. “Never before has the entry into e-mobility been as inexpensive as now.” (in German)


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