Silence S02: Electric Scooter from Spain


The Spanish electric scooter manufacturer Silence is launching the new model S02 Low Speed on the European market. The model is to be specially designed for urban use for private individuals and commercial users.

The main differentiating feature of the S02 Low Speed in comparison with other electric scooters is that it can be charged via removable batteries. According to Carlos Sotelo, CEO and founder of Silence, the vehicle should “become the best option for moving around the city sustainably and safely after the lockdown.”

The S02 LS sports a 1.5 kW electric motor under the seat, with a top speed is 45 km/h meaning the vehicle can be driven with a conventional scooter licence. Behind the bench seat for 2 persons is a box to stow a helmet or luggage. In comparison to other L1e electric scooters, the So2 has a reasonably large battery with 2kWh. Silence says that this gives the electric scooter enough charge for 55 km (34 miles) of range.

The removable and portable battery can be removed and then transported like a rolling suitcase. This makes the handling of the exchangeable battery much easier when it has to be carried from the car park to the power outlet for charging.

Transporting the battery up flights of stairs to private apartments is not expected to pose a large problem to buyers, mainly because private customers are not Silence’s main target group. The Spanish company mainly aims to address commercial customers. Companies “who were forced to reinvent themselves due to health restrictions” such as bars, restaurants and small shops could use the S02 to transport their products to customers’ homes quickly, cheaply and sustainably.

The S02 Low Speed is offered for 3,600 euros (incl. VAT) and can be pre-ordered. The reasonably priced scooter with a portable battery is to be made in Barcelona and should be available “in the next few months” in all 45 outlets selling the brand across Europe.,,, additional info via email


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