Torqeedo restructures management team


Deutz has announced the restructuring of the management of its subsidiary Torqeedo. In future, Ralf Plieninger and Michael Rummel will take over management of the German company specialising in electric boat engines. Torqeedo founder Christoph Ballin will only engage in an advisory capacity.

According to Deutz’s announcement, founder and managing director Christoph Ballin will move to the advisory board where he will “continue to advise and support the company” along with Frank Hiller, the chairman of Deutz AG.

But this also means that Torqeedo founder Ballin no longer has any responsibility in the operational business. He will also devote himself to new tasks outside the Deutz Group in the future, according to the company’s announcement that did not give much in the way of further details.

“As the founder of Torqeedo, Christoph Ballin has been a pioneer in the field of electric drive systems and played a major role in the integration of Torqeedo into the Deutz Group following the acquisition in 2017,” says Hiller. “With his expertise and the excellent team at Torqeedo, we were able to make a major leap forward in our E-Deutz strategy across the whole Deutz Group. We are delighted that he will continue to assist us in his capacity as a member of the Advisory Board.”

In the newly reorganised management team, Plieninger, who has been working for the company since 2012, will take over all technical areas – research and development, procurement management, quality and production. Rummel, who has been managing director of Torqeedo since 2019, is responsible for finance, reporting and business development, with a focus on increasing profitability. In addition, he will be responsible for sales, service, marketing, human resources, information technology and foreign subsidiaries.,


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