ES: Renault Zoe now only available with battery purchase


Renault Spain has changed the pricing model for the Zoe. The small battery-electric car is now only available there with battery purchase, the previous option for battery rental is no longer available. The Spanish are thus following a decision by Renault Great Britain.

In November 2019, Renault in Great Britain had cancelled the battery leasing option for the Zoe and has since been selling the electric model there only with batteries included. Now Renault’s Zoe is also available in Spain only with a retail battery. The base price for the R110 engine with a 41-kWh battery is 29,128 euros there.

Renault Spain has not officially justified the step – but the offer seems to be no longer worthwhile. In Great Britain, the importing company there had stated that an “artificial catalogue price” was no longer needed for comparison with a diesel engine because enough customers choose an electric car anyway.

In Germany, both options – purchase and rent – are still available. Therefore it is easy to see what the British mean by “artificial catalogue price”. In this country, the Zoe costs at least 29,990 euros with the purchase of a battery, and with the lease, the price drops to a more attractive 21,900 euros. Within the framework of the current discount campaign, in which Renault Deutschland is increasing the German environmental bonus to 10,000 euros, it is even only 19,990 euros for the purchase and 11,900 euros for the rent option.

In the latter case, however, at least 74 euros per month are added for the battery. Then 7,500 kilometres per year are permitted. Besides, different mileages of up to 17,500 kilometres per year can be agreed in four stages. The tariff without mileage limit costs 124 Euro per month. Customers must, therefore, calculate precisely what total costs they expect (plus electricity) for their driving performance and which model is cheaper. (in Spanish),


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