Jul 2, 2020 - 03:03 pm

When the truth hurts?

A commercial made by the e-bike manufacturer VanMoof has been prohibited from broadcast on French television because of the ads depiction of a melting car. The self-regulating body responsible, the ARPP, argue that aspects of the film “discredit the automobile sector […] while creating a climate of anxiety.”

“Given that the regulatory board recently pledged to reinforce the sustainability aspects of their policies, it’s a difficult decision to justify,” writes VanMoof. The electric bicycle company pulls no punches in sharply criticizing the ARPP decision in a blog entry – also because of earlier statements made by the authority on other issues. The accusation levelled at regulatory body reads “the ARRP have shown a tendency to favour corporate interests over supporting meaningful societal change.”


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Found on electrive.com
02.07.2020 15:30