Tesla puts V3 chargers into operation in Europe


Tesla installed its first supercharger site in continental Europe with the faster V3 columns (up to 250 kW charging capacity) into operation near The Hague in the Netherlands on Friday. In Germany, two supercharger sites with the V3 charging points are currently being set up.

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Tesla already installed eight of the new charging points in London in December 2019. Strictly speaking, this means this is the second lot of V3 superchargers to be installed in the EU since the UK was still officially part of the EU at the time.

The European V3 Superchargers are visually similar to the V2 version only with a thinner CCS cable instead of the Type 2 DC cable and the CCS cable for the Model 3. In Version 3, the Superchargers allow charging capacities of up to 250 kW, while the V2 Chargers in the last expansion stage were at 150 kW.

According to, there are currently two V3 sites under construction in Germany, with twelve columns in Wismar and 16 in Frankfurt am Main. In addition, the supercharge location in Hilden, which is currently still operated with pallet chargers, is also to receive the V3 charging points. In the final expansion stage, up to 40 V3 Superchargers are to be installed. Hilden would then be one of the largest supercharger sites in the EU. Fastned fast charging points are also to be built in the charging park, which was initiated by baker Roland Schüren.

Update 7 July 2020: As Tesla now writes in a press release, the company has reached an important milestone with the supercharger site in The Hague. It is the world’s 2,000th Supercharger site, and the number of charging points now totals more than 18,000 worldwide.

Tesla’s V3 expansion is making progress: Bamble has been active in the non-EU country Norway since the end of June, and the Ikast site in Denmark is also under construction.

Since the first introduction of Superchargers in Europe in 2013, more than 525 sites with more than 5,000 charging points have been put into operation on the continent.,, update info via email


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07.07.2020 um 17:14
There are also 12 SC v3 stalls at Liertoppen in Norway, opened march 13 2020. In total there are 4 v3 sites up and running in Europe now, one of them still in the EU.

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