Jul 10, 2020 - 12:18 pm

Tesla car in Sentry Mode on crime watch


The Norwegian police is asking Tesla drivers in the town of Sandefjord, close to Oslo, to come forward. Not to help with an accident but to hand-in any footage from the Tesla cars’ cameras to assist in the search for a suspected assassin.

Tesla uses its Autopilot to provide a standard Sentry Mode feature with multiple cameras, as well as a built-in dashcam (TeslaCam). In short, the electric car scans and records its immediate surrounding (when someone approaches the vehicle), and in the Tesla-saturated Norway, this is what the police is hoping for.

Or more precisely, the Mayor of Sandefjord does, as he may have been the victim of attempted murder. According to reports from Norwegian media, someone tried to burn down Mayor Bjørn Ole Geditsch’s home. The police are currently investigating the crime scene and are hoping, Tesla Sentry Mode footage will help generate more leads.

It is not the first time, Tesla’s surveillance system catches a perpetrator on camera. Only usually, the villains are of the vandal kind or fun-loving “criminals” like the cookie monster. Tesla had employed the Sesame Street favourite when launching the Sentry Mode feature back in early 2019.

sb.no (original source in Norwegian) via insideevs.com


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